Help required for above ground pool

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Help required for above ground pool

Postby Lindat » Fri 08 Apr, 2011 17:14

I need some help please.
Last winter, we emptied our pool almost completely and cleaned it all up the following E
Easter and started again which was fine.
This winter, however, we decided to keep it full and treat it through the winter with the usual chemicals.
I don't think the chlorine broke down though as it got colder and a white snow-like film settled on the bottom.
I tried to vacuum it up manually with a suction hose but it just spread the film and turned the water green. I ran the filter for a week or so, but nothing changed. I got all the levels right and added a flocculent and now the film has re-settled on the bottom of the pool. My problem is this: if I try to vacuum it up again, it will just spread again and I'll be back where I started. How on earth can I get all this white stuff off the bottom of my pool? Do I have to buy some new equipment to help me? This hasn't happened to us before. Any help very much appreciated.


Help required for above ground pool

Postby Guest » Sun 10 Apr, 2011 16:37

The white film om the bottom the pool is probably the dead algae. You should turn the pump off for 12 hours to let all of the debris settle then You should vacuum to waste very slowly. This will lower the level of your water some.

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