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Surface foam

Postby Poolplexed » Sun 10 Apr, 2011 10:25

20,000 gallon, in ground, plaster pool. Salt system, currently no heat turned on, temp around 50 to 55 degrees, filter runs nightly for 12 hours. In floor cleaner runs nightly for about 2 hours. Cartridge filter system (Pentair) with four 24" filters in filtration unit. Took water sample to two different dealers and water tested good. PH 7.6, Chlorine around 4.

Problem is that when the filter runs or if we use jets in attached hot tub or if we use waterfall there is an immediate build up of foam on the water surface. The foam goes away about 30 minutes after the filter, jets, etc. are turned off. There is also a light but visible slick on the pool surface that accompanies the foam. This also goes away when the foam dissipates.

We have another month and a half before we plan to oppen the pool so plenty of time to deal with this. We've had a high pollen spring and I noticed the foaming after the cherry blossom trees bloomed. We got a lot of blossoms on the surface of the water. I changed out my filter cartridges and vacummed out the filter unit but the problem still continues.

One pool analyst told me the problem is due to organic particulates that are not effected by chlorine. We use an in-line chlorinator in the off season as the salt system only works above 60 degrees. He instructed me to add 6 pounds of non-chlorine shock followed immediately by 6 oz of Oil Out followed by brushing the pool. However, this morning the same foam was evident.

So, should I continue to follow his directions or is there a better solution?

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