Water below liner

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Water below liner

Postby chrissie » Mon 11 Apr, 2011 15:37

Upon removing winter debris cover we have more water below the liner then on top of it. This has caused the jablite insulation to float up from the base underneath the liner.
Is the obvious, a leak from the liner or can water tables do this. Has anyone else experienced this and should we replace the liner without the jablite.

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Water below liner

Postby swimmingpoolbuild » Sat 14 May, 2011 10:31

First I will say that I am not familiar with jablite. I would assume that you have a concrete floor on the bottom of your pool with the jablite acting as a cushion.

If a liner floats it is due to no having enough water pressure to hold the liner down in place. If the water was to leak out from the liner and under it, then yes it would float the liner. I have also seen full pools have a liner float. If there is a large amount of ground water around the pool it will float the liner.

Think of it like a bucket of water. The bucket full of water is heavy and will just sit on dry land. But a bucket of water placed into a pool will float. The more water you take out of the bucket, the higher it will float.

Most of the time you can fix the leak in the liner with a patch, let the groundwater receded, empty the pool water, put a vacuum behind the liner to stretch it to the walls, then fill the pool back up with water. This is best done by a professional. You will have to take precaution as to not rip the liner.

If the jablite under the liner has floated and gotten out of place then you have a mess. It will be very hard to get under the liner and fix the jablite back into place. You will most likely need to remove the existing liner, fix the jablite, and place in a new liner.


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