Filter Silt went back into pool

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Filter Silt went back into pool

Postby asnboi2env » Fri 15 Apr, 2011 01:14

I'm a NEWBIE. I was trying to figure out where the filter was for the swimming pool that came with my friends house that she just bought. I finally located it underneath the skimmer basket (never heard of this setup). It has about 8 discs on a pole. It was caked on with dirt, silt, and a white substance (I believe the white substance is D.E.), So I decided to rinse it off. As I was doing this some of the run off went into the pool. Now the pool is cloudy. If you shine a flashlight you can see particles floating in the water. What is the fastest was to clear up the pool? Will the D.E. sink to the bottom? Hopefully I didn't ruin my friends pool too much! =| Appreciate all the help I can get!


My pool: 15x30
Pool chemicals:N/A
My pump & filter: The filter is actually located below the skimmer basket. It has about 8 discs on a pole.
Other info:


Filter Silt went back into pool

Postby Guest » Sun 17 Apr, 2011 16:37

wHEN i SHOUT OFF THE POOL FILTER the DE powder backwashs into the pool. I put new filters in it but that does not seem to help.

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