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Cement Pond
I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 20,000 Gallons, plastic liner, sand filter, ?????
This is all new to me.
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Postby Cement Pond » Tue 19 Apr, 2011 08:44

I have a de filter. I replaced the grids and manifold towards the end of last year’s pool season. Just opened the pool a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the problems:

When I opened the pump skimmer thing, white cloudy water from the filter filled it.
Then when I turned the filter back on a white cloud of de started blowing out of the returns.
The white cloud stopped after a few seconds, but now there is a lot of media on the bottom of the pool. Even after I vacuum, the next morning the bottom has media in the corners and on the bottom by the returns.

My questions are:

*How do I fix what’s going on?

*Did I put to much media? It calls for nine pounds. Does that mean 9 pounds, (I actually weighed it out).

*Are you supposed to mix de with water in a bucket before pouring into the skimmer or just pour the scoops directly into skimmer with mixing first?

*Should I expect “some” media to escape?

I would appreciate any input or suggestions.

Pool Enthusiast
Pool Enthusiast
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De Help

Postby lisaa » Wed 20 Apr, 2011 04:57

Have you opened the filter to make sure everything is in place where it should be?

De Help

Postby Poolio » Thu 21 Apr, 2011 23:07

You may have an issue with your multiport valve. This is the valve you use to backwash. I don't know what type you have but sometimes the gasket(s) inside get loose or damaged and need replacement. Depending on the type of valve you have replacing the gasket(s) is very difficult as they can be glued in place and are hard to remove. Then you have to glue the new on in its place. It is usually more cost effective to replace the whole valve when you figure the time necessary to replace a gasket more than once.

Nine pounds means nine pounds. The manufacturers usually have a conversion to 1 pound coffee cans as well. Some DE manufacturers tell you to mix it before adding to the skimmer but as a pool tech for 13 years I have never done this. Just slowly pour it into the skimmer.

The de water will naturally flow back to the pump basket when you open it up unless you have a check valve between the pump and the skimmer. These are typically used to keep the pump from draining when the system shuts off but it also keeps the filter from draining back towards the pool at the same time.

You can tell if de is getting through the filter by having a helper hold a sock in front of the returns as you add the media. You could also do this while you vacuum to see if the media is still getting through.

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