Neglected pool recovery

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Neglected pool recovery

Postby alice » Tue 19 Apr, 2011 15:12

Hi, I have taken over a house with a pool, in spain, which has had no attention for 18 months!! I removed the cover 12 days ago to find a POND. There was a big algae problem, which has been scrubbed as much as possible, and I have vacumed it to waste, topping up the water as I went, to protect the filter. There is, still dead algae at the bottom and it is floating on the top every morning. However, as the bottom is not visible, it can't be seen to get at properly. The biggest problem now is getting the water clear. The water is now a healthier colour but still very cloudy and, despite hours of filtration, has obvious floating particles. I have shocked the pool, MEGA, and have put a 4 action chlorine tablet in the filter basket and 1 in a floating dispenser. This has, finally, brought the chlorine to an ideal level. However, despite adding 12 litres of pH increaser, the level continues to hardly register on the scale and the alkilinity is still very low. Can anyone suggest what I can do next. Thanks Alice

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