Pump suction line airlocking

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Pump suction line airlocking

Postby coolwizard » Sun 24 Apr, 2011 10:29

When I have the pool in skimmer rather than main drain mode I keep getting an air locking effect. I cannot figure out where the air is coming from.

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Pump suction line airlocking

Postby ChuckGeo » Wed 27 Apr, 2011 15:56

Sounds like a clog or a possible leak in the skimmer line. If the skimmer operates normally when the skimmer and main drain valves are open, but you get air in the pump when the main drain is closed, I'd suspect a leak in the skimmer line. A pressure test is required to confirm the leak.
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Pump suction line airlocking

Postby mas985 » Wed 27 Apr, 2011 18:59

Sometimes that can be caused by a stuck skimmer weir door. It prevents water from getting into the skimmer so the skimmer sucks air. Make sure the door swings back and forth freely.
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