Pool is green, need help.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: A very nice cement in ground pool , 16X32 ft, 4 ft at shallow end 9ft at deep end, filter is Purex Triton Tagelus TA 40/40D, privacy fenced but not screened in (we were told its too big).
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Pool is green, need help.

Postby Drexzania » Mon 25 Apr, 2011 13:38

Noob pool owners, trying to get pool to as it should be.
Pool Test
Hardness: 1000
Total Chlorine: 0
Free Chlorine: 0
Bromine: 0
Ph: 7.5
Alkaline: 40
Stabilizer: 0
I'm sure (judging my the shade of green) these must be pretty bad levels of everything. How do we fix it? Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

Pool Enthusiast
Pool Enthusiast
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Pool is green, need help.

Postby lisaa » Tue 26 Apr, 2011 05:48

To keep your pool clean and clear you must have your water tested to make sure all characteristics are correct. pH is very important because it will determine how effective your chlorine works. Alkalinity is also important because it is a buffer for pH. Calcium should be between 200-400ppm although higher levels are acceptable. Make sure they also test for cyanuric acid, a conditioner that protects chlorine from being broken up from the suns uv rays. If all these parameters are in order, you must make sure your floating chlorinator always has chlorine tablets inside, don't wait for them to dissolve completely before refilling it. You may also need to add about a half gallon of liquid chlorine to help boost your chlorine levels enough to overcome any chlorine demand. Another aspect of pool water is filtration and turnover rates. Not running your pump long enough cause algae just as easy as not enough chlorine. You should be running your pump about 6-8 hours every day. Backwash your filter regularly and perform a complete filter break down at least once a year. Some other things you can check: Are your return jets shooting water down and to the right? If they are shooting straight out you are not mixing the water correctly. You may even be compounding the problem if your using a solar blanket. This will heat up only the upper layer of the water and without mixing you are creating a pool that is thermally stratified (yes even in 5ft of water). If the pool is warm on the top and cold on the bottom this can cause a lot of problems. First, the chloriniator floating on the warmer water will cause the tablets to dissolve quicker and raise your chlorine levels really high but since the water is stratified very little chlorine is reaching the bottom of the pool this could be why your noticing algae there. Also make sure your chlorinator isn't sitting in a dead spot. A dead spot is somewhere that doesn't get a lot of flow like next to steps or ladders. If you always see your chlorinator sitting in the same spot you may want to consider tying it off to something by the return where water comes back into the pool.

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