Replacing a concrete deck

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Replacing a concrete deck

Postby maherba » Wed 27 Apr, 2011 20:46

I need to have my existing concrete deck replaced because it cracked and chunks are popping out of it after a frost heave last winter. I've had two opinions from professionals -- one says they can jackhammer out the existing concrete with about a 33 per cent chance that they may damage the plastic coping and it would need to be replaced; the other says it's absolutely certain that both the plastic coping and liner will need to be replaced.

Which opinion do you think is correct? The current liner and coping are in good condition -- the pool is seven or eight years old (built by the home's former owner). I hate to spend an extra $4,500 if it's not necessary.

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Replacing a concrete deck

Postby swimmingpoolbuild » Sat 14 May, 2011 10:18

If you do have to replace the coping then you will have to replace the liner as well. It is nearly impossible to make a liner fit back into a pool. If you have steps that are cut into the liner then there is no way to detach the liner from the steps and reattach it later.

If the concrete next to the pool coping is ok, then you may want to cut back about 12 to 18 inches creating a concrete coping around the pool. You can keep that concrete and pour new concrete out from there. That way you will not have to touch the pool.


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