Suction through skimmer

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Suction through skimmer

Postby MirandaJ1223 » Fri 29 Apr, 2011 14:17

In mid March I removed the grids from my 52 sf DE Anthony filter and cleaned them before reinstalling them. I then opened my pool. Then at the end of March I went on vacation for a week. Before I left my pool was crystal clear and the skimmer kept suction. Upon my return the neighbors tree had dropped all sorts of nastiness in my pool (leaves, small branches and seeds[the seeds are froma post oak and are very small attached to a stem so that they look kind of like a wooly caterpillar except the seeds will come off the stem.]), the water was dark and full of algae visibility was about 2 feet. The pump's strainer basket, and the skimmer basket were both completely plugged. I emptied both of them, used the pool leaf rake to get all the floarting debris and as much off the bottom as I could. Then I backwashed the filter and shocked the pool. After shocking, a lot of the algae floated to the top. I went about vacuuming the pool and found that every few minutes I was needing to empty the pump strainer basket as it was pulling a lot of seeds up so as it got full it lost suction. I have taken the grids out and cleaned them again 2 more times and backwashed like crazy and for some reason it will lose suction within a few minutes time.

The pool is still kinda murky and I have visibility to about 4 feet now. I am still getting some of the algae out via the skimmer but it looses suction very fast. I can then backwash and it will come back for a bit but then stops again. Did the little seeds damage something? Are the filter grids bad or what is the problem that it will not keep suction?

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