Chemistry good but still cloudy

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Chemistry good but still cloudy

Postby Roy » Fri 29 Apr, 2011 20:11

I moved into a house with a 24ft above ground pool that from what i gathered wasnt used in years.. I drained it and had to remove about 2ft of sludge and mud build up.. Ive been working ever sence (about 3 months) to get this pool functional...

I took a water sample to the pool store today and these are the results

Free Chlorine 1.5ppm
Total Chloine 1.7ppm
Combined Chlorine 0.1ppm
PH 7.5
Hardness 30ppm
Alkalinity 119ppm
Cyanuric Acid 70ppm
copper 0.14ppm
Iron 0pm
Total Dissolved Solids Not Run
Borate 80.00

recent work... I changed all of the filter sand out today (29 April) and added a Saltwater system.. Maybe im just impatient but the water is a deep blue.. Will this clear up? below is a list of equipment.. I also added 240LBS of Pool Salt (the directions called for 310 but I figured i woudl start there then add slowly so as to not over salt).... Thankyou For help

Hayward S164T Sand Filter
3/4 HP pump
24' Above Ground Pool
Intex 56601E Saltwater System

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Chemistry good but still cloudy

Postby czechmate » Sat 30 Apr, 2011 20:24

Your chemistry is not good at all. Luckily your pool is not gunite.
Go to POOL CALCULATOR, read about needed levels and also about CSI index. I guess the pool store told you to put in this much conditioner that the CYA reads so high. It will take about 6-7 PPM of free chlorine to clear up the water, provided algae have not started . Murky water may be the sign it is trying.
You did not mention how much boric acid you put in to get borates so high. Even half of that would be nice. (Do not let dogs drink that water).
There is other things like low CH etc, but it is imperative for you to understand how chemicals balance water and protect the pool and equipment.
Look up POOL SCHOOL for that info.
I usually do not mess with chemical questions but time may be of essence for you.
Good luck!

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