Pool Leak with Pump On and with Pump Off

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Leak with Pump On and with Pump Off

Postby OB1 » Tue 03 May, 2011 15:16

Hello, My pool, just completed within the last month, seems to have a leak. I have measured the following: bucket test. With today's weather, I am losing about 1/8 of an inch from the bucket. The pool (no hottub) is losing about 1/2 inch within 24 hours with the pump on and with the pump off. There is very little difference. I have walked the tile line, as well as had the pool come out several times. I am basically losing, based on my pool size, about 60 gallons in 24 hours. Now, I noticed the plaster was raised by the main drain. Almost as if there was pressure pushing on it and two days ago, the plaster cracked and began flaking. The pool company came out, did a quick patch, to see if this was where the water was leaking. We have had rain for the last 24 hours. The rain put my water to the overflow (which is only 2 1/2 inches above the tile and skimmer line, which I think it too low, but I'm not sure). The rain stopped about 5:00 PM last night. At 6 AM, the water level (the pump ran all night due to the freeze guard at a temp of 36 degrees) appears to have dropped about 1/4 inch. Now, keep in mind, I do have a good flow with the pump on, but I do not think 1/4 at this temp is a reasonable water loss.

I am not even sure if this is where the leak is located and since the water is a chilly 53 degrees, without a wet/dry suit, getting in is really not an option.

I am just very concerned since I am finding this job to be one I would say was not followed up and monitored by the pool company. I have not let the pool sit to see if the water level will continue to drop below the skimmer, nor have I discussed this with the pool company due to the fact I don't trust them moving forward. There is an excuse and reason for every question versus taking ownership that this was a mess up.

Are there any recommendations I should look for or other areas? Also, I plan on having the pool company completely redo the plaster, since, a leak after three weeks and plaster chipping is 100% unacceptable.

What are your thoughts and is this direction I should take. If so, should I even worry about any additional leaks if the pool is replastered, should that be the dirction of the pool company? I don't know this is an option, but after three weeks and the problems I have had, plus the amount of money spent, a patch in my mind is great for a garage sale item, but not a brand new pool.



Pool Leak with Pump On and with Pump Off

Postby rich » Thu 12 May, 2011 13:31

Well First you need to determine if it is the pool that is leaking or the plumbing return and suction lines for the pool. The pool builder should be the one to do this, take time off work and watch over the tech and ask questions and look at the pressure gauge reading while testing pressure should not drop. This has to be done for all lines suction, main drains and return, slide if you have one. Once that all passes. Then they will have to DYE test the patch around your main drain PATCH they installed, plus any other plaster cracks then your skimmer and returns in the pool. You need to have the pool builder perform these tests. You can pay another pool service shop but it is not cheap. Will cost you by the hour. Hope this helps.

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