How to maximize 1 skimmer

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How to maximize 1 skimmer

Postby Guest » Fri 06 May, 2011 09:07

I was reading on this forum that when doing manual cleaning it is a good idea to turn off 1 skimmer and the drain valve in the deep end, so I can get maximum suction from the skimmer.

I have no idea how to do this - i basically moved into a house that has a pool. I can take pictures of the pipes and stuff if that helps...but i do not know how to turn off a skimmer and the main valve.

Currently i vacuum the pool manually even though i have a aquabot. I do this by turning my hayward thing to backwash and then vacuum. I was told by my pool guy that if i put it on filter, all that junk will just mess up my filter.

Please help...

Also what is the best shock out there?

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How to maximize 1 skimmer

Postby czechmate » Fri 06 May, 2011 18:29

You may have a return valve that selects botom only or skimmers only.
In such case you select skimmers only and plug the one that will not be used for vacuum hose. Plug it either with a treaded PVC plug, small plastic cover or even with a trichlor puck. Remember though: if it is not treaded and held by a suction only, you will loose this temporary plug every time you loose prime to the pump, while vacuuming!
Backwash is usually the reverse process of filtering, that sends pool water to inside the filter element to push media like DE of the element walls and to drain.
If you send any debris with it, it will become entraped inside the element, with no procedure to get it out fast.
Some stuff will gradually get out, plugging your mesh insert cleaner on your pool sweep for a long time. The rest will rot and produce food for algae.

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