Sand back into pool

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Sand back into pool

Postby Linedancer » Sat 07 May, 2011 02:33

Hi Everyone
I am new to this forum, and relatively new to pools. I have a 10X4mt salt water pool, with sand filter. The sand has been in the filter for 4 years, it has never been changed and we have added to it. We dont backwash on a regular basis, only if we start to see a high pressure build up, then a quick 15 second backwash and rinse seems to do the trick. We carry out a longer back wash maybe twice a year. I can see that the filter still has plenty of sand.

On opening the pool this year (after shocking), I notice the PH is remaining a lot higher than usual. Also sand is going back into the pool.

I have read in the brief filter manual, that high PH can cause a rise in pressure during a filter cycle.
1) Could it be that the high PH is also causing the problem with the Sand?
2) I have read on this forum that broken laterals could be causing the sand problem, but what is the life expectancy of the laterals ? It can't be damage through the addition of sand as we havent added any.
3) I have also read on this forum, there is a product to clean the sand. Can anyone tell me what the product is and would it be worthwhile trying ?

Many thanks everyone :?


Sand back into pool

Postby linedancer » Sat 07 May, 2011 03:03

re my posting
Sorry, second line shoudl read "we HAVE NOT added sand to the filter"

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