Waterways Crystal Clear Leak

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Waterways Crystal Clear Leak

Postby dmc123 » Sun 08 May, 2011 20:05

Im a new pool owner. I was learning the basics of the system when I noticed a leak at the top of my Waterways Crystal Clear DE canister at the bleed valve. While trying to tighten it I broke the knob off with the shank still in the canister lib below the valve body so I cant really grab a hold of it anymore.
see picture of part below
Waterways 550-4240

http://www.aqua-man.com/row_num.asp?row ... m=550-4240

What now?? DO I need to take off the canister lid to access and remove the remaining peice. If so I havent taken it of yet and Im a little intimidated. Do I backflush it or drain it first? Any advice would be appriciated.

Please help as I cannot run the pump to clean the pool since so much water come out when I do turn pump on

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Waterways Crystal Clear Leak

Postby jenniferhoops » Thu 19 May, 2011 06:34

Its sure that you have to remove all pieces and change the pump.
We provides protection against low water flow, lead leaching, corrosion and Water Leaks .

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