Leveling an in-ground steel frame pool with metal flange?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Leveling an in-ground steel frame pool with metal flange?

Postby skalek » Sun 08 May, 2011 21:22

I have an inground vinyl liner pool with a steel frame that was installed an unknown amount of years before I purchased the house. One of the things that we had noticed when we first started using it was that it was not level, with it being lower in the deep end. This week, when the pool was being opened, there was a large tear in the liner. As the liner is now being replaced I am using this opportunity to fix some issues I have with the pool.

One of the items I wanted to attempt to fix was the fact that the pool was not level. I have interviewed 3 pool companies and one of them mentioned that they knew of one company that makes a metal flange that can attached to the top of steel frame of the pool to heighten and thus level the sunken side. As I am replacing the coping and leveling the patio 3-4' back, the fact that the top of the pool in that one area may be higher is not a big deal.

My concern, is that when I discussed this with the other two pool companies they have never heard of this method to level the pool and basically said it didn't sound right. Has anyone heard of this method and if so does it work? Any negatives to this approach? And do you know who this manufacturer is that is making this flange?

Thanks in advance for any advice and information you can provide.

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Leveling an in-ground steel frame pool with metal flange?

Postby swimmingpoolbuild » Mon 23 May, 2011 22:05

Been building liner pools for over 10yrs and never heard of it. In theory I think a metal fab and welding shop could add on to the top of the pool but it would have to been measured out and customer fitted. Then you would have to replace new coping on top of the pool wall to hold the liner and pour the new pool deck to.

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