Flow slow down

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Flow slow down

Postby fina44 » Sun 15 May, 2011 06:44

I just replaced my filter and pump. On first start up pressure reads 19 with good return flow and good suction on both skimmer and side wall suction lines. After a few days the discharge and suction flow slow down but the pressure on the gauge still reads 19. I shut down the pump to check pump basket and impellar for obstructions and fill the chlorinator. Impellar and basket were both clear, primed and started pump to again great flow after 1 day or so flow seems to start to slow down again. What could be causing this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Flow slow down

Postby jenniferhoops » Wed 18 May, 2011 07:14

Hey friend if your problem is still not solved then consult with a best plumber. He will help you out from your problem.
We provides protection against low water flow, lead leaching, corrosion and Water Leaks.
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Flow slow down

Postby czechmate » Wed 18 May, 2011 18:03

There is something missing in your story. 19 PSI is a backpressure developed by the filter element. If you had that backpressure agaist clean filter and have the same 19 PSI now, your flow volume should be pretty much the same. This is how you determine the cleaning cycle.
How you determined the slower flow? By the suction in the skimmer or turbulence by the fresh water inlets? Remember one thing: if you had a rain, or added couple of inches in water level, it will not show the same action by inlets or the skimmer.
Your skimmer is the most effective, when the water level is only about 2 inches above the intake ledge. The higher water level, the more debris will just float by.

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