LOTS of leaves in pool

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LOTS of leaves in pool

Postby BobH » Tue 17 May, 2011 13:00

We opened our pool on our own for the first time due the previously used pool place closing.

Filter is up and running, however I think our main issue is that after pumping the water off the cover and into the pool, when we took the cover off we dumped all the winters worth of leaves into the pool. Lesson learned there.

Since then we've been scooping them out with the skimmer basket and the filter has now been running 24x7 for a week. We dumped 4 gallons of shock in when we turned on the filter (17500 gallon pool). also dumped one gallon of algea control in.

water has not noticably cleared up, mostly brown with a green hue to it. At night if I turn on the pool light, it looks like a big white cloud.

Still cannot see the bottom of the deep end, so not 100% sure how many leaves are left in there, we have some and continue to scoop them out every day. Vacuum is uselss with this many leaves.

Looking for advice here. Water is not clear, should I:
- put more shock in
- be patient, this takes time (it's never taken this long at opening, but leaves getting dumped in is new)
- something else


LOTS of leaves in pool

Postby alexava » Sun 22 May, 2011 15:06

im not an expert but i think you are wasting chemicals untill you get all or nearly all the leaves out. you can buy some plastic mesh netting/fence like stuff at Lowes in the garden area and make a larger dip net with some pvc pipe and fittings and strap ties. i know how the leaves just get stirred up and you cant see and only seem to get a few with each dip.

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