Are all chemicals compatible with liner pools?

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Are all chemicals compatible with liner pools?

Postby Ice-cream » Sun 18 Jun, 2006 11:39

I have an intex above ground pool. The pool is round 18ft diameter and 52" deep.

It came with chlorine generator pump.

However the water in my country is very hard and the titanium plates get clogged up every 3 days, whereas they should be checked for scale supposedly every 4 months, at the end of which they wouldn't be necessarily clogged.

Water problem's no joke... I've heard people here saying there water's hard at 700... ours here is 2,500 - 3,500 no typo.

I want to put some sort of softener. But I'm afraid since we're not talking about a normal concrete pool but an intex one and I don't want to do damage especially since it'd be obvious that I'd need to use rather a lot of chemical!

Any advice please?



Postby Ice-cream » Sun 18 Jun, 2006 11:46

Actually I did make a typo. I meant 25,000.

The country here is made from limestone and water's procured from boreholes dug in the same limestone so you can imagine the problem. :(

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