Im at my wits end with this cloudy pool! HELP PLZ!

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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Im at my wits end with this cloudy pool! HELP PLZ!

Postby wmait » Wed 25 May, 2011 12:11

Please help! I have been cleaning my pool and trying to clear the water for over 3 weeks. I have a 14,500 gallon pool and I have even went to connecting a 1/2 horsepower sand filter/pump to my heavy duty 4000 gal per hour cartridge filter/pump, then off into a saltwater generator. I have done everything including taking the water to the pool store and doing what they suggested, which I had already done anyway. It is blue but very cloudy blue. I have recently added a gal of muratic acid, 1/2 gal a time over a 24 hour period. I added a top of the line clarifier twice. But here are the readings that the pool tested my water at.

Free CL: 3.61
PH: 7.81
CH: 111
TA: 239
COP: 0
IR: 0

Btw I have an above ground ultra frame pool. I am at my wits end! I have vacuumed and cleaned and well I feel like I have done it all. Plz help!

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Im at my wits end with this cloudy pool! HELP PLZ!

Postby czechmate » Wed 25 May, 2011 19:25

Go to a Pool Calculator and you will see that your chemicals are well of ballance. CYA pretty low, TA very high. With rising water temperature, you may start having a potencial scaling problem. The murky water may be suggesting suspended extra calcium in the water. Clarifier is rather physical cleaner than a chemical remedy. It coagulates smaller particals that are passing thru filter to a size that filter will catch. It is not cheap and most people use it for achieving the true shimmering sparkling water (for a party), like the one you have in winter when your freezestat is running pump for straight 3 days.
Good clean DE system with pool sweep and sufficent FC hardly ever needs clarifier.
Pool water testing girl

Im at my wits end with this cloudy pool! HELP PLZ!

Postby Pool water testing girl » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 19:30

Your calcium is low it should be 200 ppm the alkalinity is tooooo low it should be between 130-150. The alkalinity and ph allow the cholrine work properly..and your stabilizer count is too low it should be 40ppm and if it was added to cloudy water it will hold you in a cloudy state of water. The stabilizer also needs to be activated by granular chlorine to activate it. Stabilizer is the chlorines sunblock to prevent the sun from pulling the chlorine out of the water. Also u need to use a potassium based shock (non chlorine shock) we use a product called shocktrine. Chlorine should be 1.0-2.0. Also...if u have a sand and cartridge filter adding DE powder a handful in the skimmer will help filter out finer particles. We also use filter savers on ur skimmer basket helps too

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