Water pouring out of line

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Water pouring out of line

Postby KarenS » Wed 25 May, 2011 18:14

I backwashed the pool today for the first time since last summer and completely forgot about turning off the filter. I just moved the handle from filter to backwash, not even realizing I hadn't turned the filter off and now water keeps pouring out of the line. I've turned it off and let it sit for an hour, but as soon as I turn the pump back on, water starts pouring out again. I also don't have any pressure in the filter. Can this be fixed or am I going to have to call someone.Thanks

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Water pouring out of line

Postby ChuckGeo » Fri 27 May, 2011 16:46

Sounds like a bad gasket in your multiport valve. If it's the rotary type you"ll need a new spider gasket for that brand and model number. If it's a push/pull valve you'll need an O-ring set for that brand and model number. An alternate repair is to install a cut off valve on the backwash line to prevent the water from running out.
A professional should install the spider gasket or valve, replacing O-rings on a push/pull valve is not too dificult, you masy be able to do it yourself. Be sure to lubricate the O-rings before you reassemble the valve.
Hope this helps.
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Water pouring out of line

Postby Guest » Mon 06 Jun, 2011 22:33

Thanks, I must have just messed up the spider gasket when I turned the valve without turning off the filter. Anyway, I just took the valve off, straightened out the spider gasket, lubed it and all was good. Thanks for your help!

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