Watermiad salt water chlorinator

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 14,000 gal 30mm vinyl in ground pool. 40 years old on my 6th liner. Installed last one on June 1 2011. Have a cartridge filter system with an [APURE1400]Jandy® AquaPure Salt Water Chlorination System (Up to 40000 gals). 1hp pool motor.
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Watermiad salt water chlorinator

Postby hbdiver » Sun 27 Nov, 2011 16:53

I just completed a year using the [APURE1400]Jandy® AquaPure Salt Water Chlorination System
(Up to 40000 gals). I installed it my self, very simple. My pool is only 14,000 gallons.
This has been the most carefree summer I have had in 40 years. I had to replace the liner in May 2011, not related to the salt system, or my costs would have been much less than the years before the salt system. I still check my PH and CL once a week but alkalinity, cyanuric acid and calcium once a month. I run my pool 8 hours in the summer, ave 78 degree water, and 5 hours in the winter average temp in winter about 56 degrees.
I did buy 3 gallons of acid because I read that I would be using a lot to keep my pool stable. I still have 1 quart left after a year.
I do use my pool in the winter, I teach SCUBA diving classes in it and it must pass the health inspection.
I guess I haven't had the experience of 16 years above or none as those that don't have a salt system, but I will report back here next year with a follow up on costs and any unexpected crisis that may occur.
I am totally satisfied with my salt system!

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