Need help with eroded bull nose coping repair

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Need help with eroded bull nose coping repair

Postby MIKEGOUGH1 » Tue 31 May, 2011 19:27

I have a vinyl in ground pool with standard "C" type bull nose coping(not sure if it is vinyl or aluminum, only 5 years old). I have a saltwater chlorinating pool. Before I realized what was going on, the salt has begun eating away at the coping where it meets the concrete. It is not real bad, the largest holes are probably 1/4" - 3/8" in diameter. Now that I know this happens, I will regularly hose down the coping to prevent the erosion. What can I use to repair the holes and spots that have eroded? I don't want to use caulking, I don't think it would hold up.
Should I use some type of epoxy or maybe some type of concrete patch? After repairing, I guess I will need to paint it. Is there any particular type of paint that would provide a longer lasting finish in this environment. I did not realize how corrosive salt could be. Replacing the coping does not seem to be and option, because it is mounted to the pool wall, under the concrete.


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