Beyond frustrated! Green Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Intex 16 ft x 48 in above ground pool with a cartridge filter and salt water generator

Beyond frustrated! Green Pool

Postby frustratedpoolowner » Thu 02 Jun, 2011 08:38

Ok so I have been trying to open my pool since mid april. It is an intex above ground pool 16ft x 48 in running a cartdrige filter with a SWG. Since this time I have been fighting green water. I work about 15 hours a day so not much time to spend working on my pool. My fiance takes care of it to some extent but not like he should. I am on vacation this week so I have been working with it. Sunday we drained scrubbed and refilled the pool. (It was like a swamp) It was full about midnight on sunday. Thinking the water would be ok until we got up the next morning we hooked up the filter(cartridge type) but didn't add anything. When I checked it about 9 am it had a green tint to it. So off to the store I went. After reading some forums I made a list of what I needed. I added half a bag of HTH Salt Pool Care 3-in-1 (which is suppose to add CYA)and 3 gallons of bleach. About three hours later (no difference) I added about 8oz of algeacide (3x concentrate). Left it overnight to work. 8 am next morning....NOTHING! Ok maybe I didn't add enough clorine. Off to get real shock. I got aqua-chem shock x-tra blue because this has worked in the past within hours its cloudy then add clarifyier and then clear. NOT THIS TIME....8 hours later stilll green tinted. I guess I should mention that its NOT murky its clear just green. When I checked it this time it still looks the same just there is now a layer of brown "gunk" on the floor of my pool. Also my filter when I cleaned it was completely brown. (Searching online points to iron or mustard algea). Just a note I have not added the salt or turned on the SWG I figured it would be best to get the green out first. I am to my breaking point because my vacation is half over and I still have not been able to swim. ANY advice would be helpful!! I do not want to go to a pool supply store because from reading other forums many many people complain that the pool store sells them things that they do not need. I do not have a whole lot of money to just pour into my pool. Below is my test results from last night and this morning. (I test twice each time just to be sure)

Last night

FC- 10
PH- 6.8
CYA- between 0 and 34

This morning

FC- between 3 and 5
PH- unsure one test showeed really high one showed really low


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Beyond frustrated! Green Pool

Postby chem geek » Thu 02 Jun, 2011 13:16

Clear green is usually metals in the water, especially if you've got chlorine mostly holding in the water (i.e. minimal overnight loss). Did you use well water? Have you tested for metals? You can use an HEDP-based metal sequestrant. See Metals in the Water and Metal Stains for some brands.

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