Pool never clean- losing water when filter on

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Pool never clean- losing water when filter on

Postby robom23 » Thu 02 Jun, 2011 13:40

Pool keeps lossing water when vacuum or filtering is in use. Also impossible to get water clean and clear 100%. Would this indicate a leak somewhere in the plumbing? Water level seems to drop to just below the skimmer level. Then I have to stop the filter, need to add more water (well water) more chemicals, more filtering, again and again, never gets clean, around in circles. Hundereds of $$ in chemicals and still not clean. It is an old system with only one input and the skimmer the only output, (possibly main drain as an output?) What to do first - help

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Pool never clean- losing water when filter on

Postby ChuckGeo » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 16:11

The first step in leak detection is to take a set of water loss measurements, specifically you want to measure the loss, in inches, from the pool over 2 - 24 hour periods. The first 24 hours, mark the water level and run the pump continuosly for the entire period. After 24 hours measure and note the loss. Refill the pool to your original mark and leave the pump off for 24 hours. After 24 hours measure and note the loss.
The same loss on or off usually indicates a non plumbing leak. A crack or gap around a wall fitting, light niche as well as the skimmer & skimmer throat.
More loss on than off usually means a leak in the return line, or through a leaking backwash valve to waste.
More loss off than on usually means a leak in a suction line - skimmer or main drain.
If the water level stabilizes just below the skimmer opening check the skimmer throat & skimmer first.
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