Green Algea Gross Water Please Help!

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Green Algea Gross Water Please Help!

Postby cmdillon17 » Thu 02 Jun, 2011 13:51

I recently purchased a home w/ an above ground pool. The pool is in excellent shape, however, the previous owners did not ever cover the pool. We live in PA so the pool water was exposed thru all four seasons. The water is very green w/ lots of green slimy stuff on the bottom...lots of leaves and who knows what else. We can't afford to drain the pool this year and start from scratch. So, any help would be sooooooo appreciated. It seems like an impossible task but I'm up for the challenge!!

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Green Algea Gross Water Please Help!

Postby chem geek » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 00:30

See Turning Your Green Swamp Back Into a Sparkling Oasis. First, physically remove as much debris as you can. Also test your CYA level to make sure it's not too high because if it is then a partial drain/refill will be needed. Then hit the pool hard with chlorine and have 24/7 filtration and frequent brushing.

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