Can't get rid of algae

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Can't get rid of algae

Postby kitina » Tue 06 Dec, 2016 06:34

Maintaining 15 pools.. Wow great work .. I also don't want to face any algae problems in my pool. What precautions must be taken? Should we add other chemicals in addition to chlorine.

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Re: Can't get rid of algae

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 06 Dec, 2016 10:51

No need to add additional chemicals
Just maintain your chlorine level relative to your CYA level as in Chlorine / CYA Chart
For every 10 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) added by Trichlor, it also increases Cyanuric Acid (CYA) by 6 ppm.
For every 10 ppm FC added by Dichlor, it also increases CYA by 9 ppm.
For every 10 ppm FC added by Cal-Hypo, it also increases Calcium Hardness (CH) by at least 7 ppm
Bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) doesn't increase CYA
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