I killed it but.

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I killed it but.

Postby Michele » Tue 04 Jun, 2013 14:37

:x I bought this product because I thought it was going to speed up the process getting rid of an algae bloom, but it is worse than ever. Not only did I have to vacuum out most of the water I put in the pool when I opened it, but now it's just as green as before. I should have been patient and just shocked it until the algae died. This is a hard and expensive lesson learned. There was nothing stating vacuum to waste on the back and I am looking at the box right now. I contacted HTH and they were hardly sympathetic. They sent me a claIm form to fill out for a refund. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time or money with this product! I


I killed it but.

Postby Nancy77 » Wed 19 Jun, 2013 06:03

This stuff is great! I cant believe how stupid people are to not read the box and then post a stupid comment!! R u kidding me!! No wounder why this country is so messed up with compete incompetent people who are total IDIOTS!!!!!!

I killed it but.

Postby Randy » Sun 23 Jun, 2013 14:23

Okay I am going to be huge help to ALL the people that have been trying to make this work on a metal frame pool with a cheap on the pool skimmer/filter system.

This is awesome stuff it does work. I am going to tell you right now do not go wasting money on stuff to put in your pool to get out the so called easy way. This actually is the easy way.

1. Make sure the pump is not running until later. Get a pool vac for the pool that sucks the junk up and into the filter. You cannot use the cheap one that hooks up to the hose. I use Skooba Vac. The best thing made for our kind of pool.

2. Follow the directions exactly as stated on the back of the green to blue

Now you are amazed the pool is clear but all the crap is on the bottom now if you don't follow the these steps and try and just go through the filter system your pool will go back to its puke color. No you do not have to fill your pool back up with 11,000 gallons of water. That is a last resort and the worst one. Follow the next step.

3. Make sure your water level is at the max. Now hook up your vac like you would for it to go through the filter system, but take out filter

4. Take off the return hose from the pool and cap the the return pipe or turn it up so water does not pour out of it.

5. lay the whose on the ground away from the pool. It is best if you have an additional 6' of tubing to get it as far away from the pool as possible. I used old vacuum cleaner tubing. Works like a charm.

6. Now turn on the pump and start vacuuming the filth will all go out into the grass. So yeah you will drain a lot of water out but no where near even a half of the pool. No wasting money on expensive filters and chemicals by guessing what you need to do. This works period.

7. When your done disconnect everything put it back to normal and fill the pool with clean water that replaces the water you vacuumed out. Go swimming :D

I killed it but.

Postby mominmaine » Sun 14 Jul, 2013 12:42

This stuff is complete crap! So I understand the vacuum to waste crap, but come on vacuuming up fine particles......Yeah that's fun! So two hours later, I got about half of it. I have been reading lots of threads about this product and some reviews. Some suggestions are to clean your OLD filter over and over frequently. If you didn't understand vacuum to waste, try a shop vac. This won't work if you have an extremely deep end or once you get to the middle of the pool, but eventually after days and days and with a little help from an older and rinsed out pool filter you will get it all out. Lesson learned. This stuff is CRAP!
stupid me!!

I killed it but.

Postby stupid me!! » Mon 26 Aug, 2013 19:08

Color me stupid...I read and followed directions but somehow missed that vaccuum to waste meant inground pools only. I guess us stupid people can't afford inground pools!

I killed it but.

Postby Guest » Mon 26 Aug, 2013 20:43

This stuff is CRAP!

Get rid of your sand filter that doesn't catch anything and buy a DE or cartridge filter thats big and those problems go away.

I killed it but.

Postby Guest » Tue 17 Sep, 2013 08:56

i did the same thing with my above ground pool and no vacuum. I had to turn the filter off for a few hours and the water got crystal clear with orange/green sludge at the bottom. So I got a shop vac and vacuumed the bottom slowly bc it scatters. Then turned the filter on for a few hours. Then repeated the next day. After that my pool was cear after running the free that second day. Oh and I also put a bag of shock in right after to help clear and remaining bad stuff!

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