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I'm new here
I'm new here
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cloudy green water

Postby morzh » Mon 19 Jun, 2006 09:36


Hi, I am new here and I have owned a Doughboy 10K gallons above-ground for a year.

This time, end of May, I opened the pool, and due to two squirrels drowning right away, I shocked the water on the spot.

The water turned from emerald-green to clowdy blue (blue is the color of my vinil lining).

The cloudiness persisted. Then I had to interrupt my pool care for a while, and the green algae grew again.

This time I adjusted alcalinitgy and Ph (the pool store I go to confirmed it was right smack in the middle of the required range), and shocked it again.

The wated clowdy-colorless again, and I added the clarifier (polymer coagulant).

The water cleared up a bit and I could see patches of algae on the bottom.

I probably should've vacuumed this but I made a mistake and added algaecide, and brushed the patches off the walls and the bottom, and did another shock.

Now the water is clody-green; the filter cloggs in an hour after backwash and changing the DE. The coagulant does not help.

A store owner said that teh algae is probably dead by now and what I need to do is to get it settled and vacuum.

The bottom line: the PH is 7.4, the alcalinity is 100ppm. The water is cloudy green. The chlorine used for the shock was stabilized. The stabilizer level according to strip-test is OK.

QUestion: What do I do?

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