Does sand which uses for sand filter causes high ph ?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Dear Sir or Madam

our problem about swimming pool is about pH of water . it is more that 8 ,and we are concern about it .Quality of water is good with out any algae .would you mind guiding us ?

thanks for your time .

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Does sand which uses for sand filter causes high ph ?

Postby Roohollah » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 15:08

Dear Readers ,

i have encountered a problem which is about having high pH .This pool is filled with a neutral water which is 7.2 ;however,it has became alkalinity after running pump for couple of hours gradually.Its PH is more than 8.2 and we used 8 bottles of dry acid to decrease it ,but it did not happen .of course,it changed but it became alkalinity after a day .Therefore,we are very confused what happens and how the water becomes more alkaline.

I was wondering if you could helping me ,

thanks in advance,

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Does sand which uses for sand filter causes high ph ?

Postby chem geek » Fri 03 Jun, 2011 21:06

Most likely, your Total Alkalinity (TA) is too high. Pools are intentionally over-carbonated and the TA is a measure of that over-carbonation. When carbon dioxide outgasses, it causes the pH to rise (with no change in TA for technical reasons I won't get into here). You should get a proper test kit -- either the Taylor K-2006 or the TF-100. If your TA is high, then you can Lower Total Alkalinity though it will take a lot of acid to lower it. For every 10 ppm TA, it takes 25-1/2 fluid ounces of full-strength Muriatic Acid (31.45% Hydrochloric Acid) in 10,000 gallons. You can use The Pool Calculator to calculate dosages for many chemicals.

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