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New to Pools 14 by 42 above ground ring type pool

Postby jim6bev » Sun 05 Jun, 2011 21:19

Well to start off my pool is a 14 foot by 42 inch above ground ring type pool with filter and pump. It hold 2,700 gallons and i am having a heck of a time getting chemicals balanced. TH is between 200-400 mark which is good by the test kit, FC i cant even get a reading on it registers as 0 and i am putting 1 inch tablets in daily, into the filter, I also bought a floater and put 4 tablets into it to try and get chlorine levels up. My PH was around 8.4 and i bought some PH- and it has only come down to 7.8 . I also bought a 1lb bag of shock to try to boost my chlorine levels but only used a small amount because it said on package that 1lb of shock treated 10,000 gal and my kids pool is only 2,700 . My TA is to high at 180-240, not sure how to get that down and CYA i dont get a reading on either. I have been reading that sun kills the chlorine and i do not have a cover for pool, do I need to get one being as i am in texas and we have high heat and sun on the pool daily. Not sure where to start and kind of scared to let my kid get into the pool till i get it right. water has started to get a bit cloudy but is clearing up a little now after i put a small amount of shock in it and PH- . i need to get in the pool and clean the bottom, there is a small amout of leaves but nothing to bad. Can anyone recommend where i should start and will a cover help from loosing the Chlorine

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New to Pools 14 by 42 above ground ring type pool

Postby missdaeglady » Mon 13 Jun, 2011 17:55

i had one of those and all i used was 1/2 bag of shock plus and clorine tablets i never checked water chemicals but was always crystal clear and if you take water to be testeed they want yoou to buy this and that

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