HELP!bumping every 15 minutes

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HELP!bumping every 15 minutes

Postby yankeesahc » Mon 06 Jun, 2011 00:12

please help me... I am bumping my failter it seems every 15 minutes. ive backwashed about 100 times and the darn water is still green. Ive even opened the filter 5 times and sprayed all the fingers, with the same results when I start up again. I don't know what to do next... can anyone help me?
We are using the HAYWARD PREFLEX DE finger filter
our pool is inground 16' x 36'

thank you

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HELP!bumping every 15 minutes

Postby mas985 » Tue 07 Jun, 2011 17:14

The filter is not the issue, it is the alage. You need to kill that first. Read through this and follow the instructions:

How to defeat algae.
Hydraulics 101; Pump and Pool Spreadsheets; Pump Ed 101
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