Liner is stained

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Liner is stained

Postby Gov » Fri 03 Jun, 2005 16:05

My pool is only one year old!!!
It is above the ground Doughboy.
I have a grayish ring all around my pool at the water level.
It started to developed last year.
Before I filled it up when I opened it last week, I tried scrubbing it with a mild detergent & a scrub brush.
It didn't help.
Any suggestions on what caused this & how to get rid of the ring?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Helper » Sat 18 Jun, 2005 18:45

It soulds like a oil build up,suntan oils and body oils buildup at water level,your local pool store will have a scrub paste that will make it look like new with a littl elbow greese

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