A split in the bottom of our Viking Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Help! Pool is over 30 years old and over the winter developed a crack on the bottom. It is a Viking Pool and we dont know what to do.We drained it and it keeps on filling back with water so that we cant patch it so far.
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A split in the bottom of our Viking Pool

Postby judyh » Thu 09 Jun, 2011 22:46

Our Viking Pool developed a split near a corner on the bottom of the pool. It is 30 plus years old and also has bubbles on the fiberglass sides and bottom. I suppose we have to pull it out unless it can be back filled with dirt. Is there an easier way to handle fixing the pool or situation? We drained the pool and where the split is, is leaching water back in at a goodly rate. We wouldnt be able to fix the split until it quits pumping water back in....that is If it can be done. Any ideas?

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