Vogue prestige pool parts

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Vogue prestige pool parts

Postby deepsouth » Mon 13 Jun, 2011 10:28

I have a vogue prestige pool I got the pool from my bro in law who got it from somewhere else.So I don't know what year it is.I had to move my pool and during that process I lost a piece of the pool.The piece I need is the connector that joins the bottom track together.The piece that sits on top of the brick.I have been in contact with local companies.One wasn't interested in helping and the other said they have e-mailed vogue and received no response.One company said I needed to contact a secondary supplier but never gave me a name.PLLLEEEAAASSEEE help me my wife is chewing what little butt I have left off.DOES ANYBODY know where to order this piece from,have an extra or scrap one laying around.I will post a pic later if I can get my wife to do it.She just about want talk to me if it concerns the pool she is so pissed now.HELP ME PLEASE.


Re: Vogue prestige pool parts

Postby nick56 » Sat 27 Jan, 2018 11:21

Hey, here we have pool parts, pool pump, summer pool, summer elite pool...
i hope you enjoy your vacations with yo ur friends and family...

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