New Pool Owner has Hole in Liner that needs fixing

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My Pool: 40X25 Hexagon shape. About 20 yrs old; just moved in. Needs A LOT of work.
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New Pool Owner has Hole in Liner that needs fixing

Postby jayryght » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 20:09

Hello, I just moved into a house and inherited a pool. After I opened the winter cover I noticed that I actually inherited a swamp with a big tear in the pool's liner. My pool is a 40 X 25 Hexagon shape and the tear is in the corner of the pool. The tear is about 14 inches on one side and about 8 inches on the other. There is a picture attached. Could anyone please advise on how to repair it. Any comment is welcome other than "you need a new liner" :). I'm looking more for a one season patch job :). RSVP.
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New Pool Owner has Hole in Liner that needs fixing

Postby thepoolzone » Wed 15 Jun, 2011 22:53

Wow, that sucks!

If you want to "patch" this, I would say you would have to get a large piece of liner and use a patch kit or the underwater liner adhesive to attach the piece of liner that you use as the patch.

You may have to replace/repair this thoughout the season if you don't get a good fit. Don't pull the patch too tight, you'll need it to have some "give" for when the water is filled higher.

Good luck and enjoy the pool!
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