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Balance help

Postby Huskerdee » Thu 16 Jun, 2011 12:28

I have a 32’x16’x52” rectangular vinyl pool. I used a pre-fill filter that suppose to remove metals while filling the pool. We have well water with a lot of metals. I’m not sure what type though. I also used Metal Out before shocking and chlorinating. However, I still got yucky brown water. I tried to Metal out with a total of 3 quarts altogether now. I have also used a ton of clarifier to coagulate the metals. I vacuum, brush and test often. I know I also have high PH and alkalinity, which I have now used a total of 3 gallons of Muratic acid and still have high PH and alkalinity. So how can I effectively get rid of the high metals and brown water as soon as I chlorinate, and high alkalinity and PH? I use a saltwater chlorinator and sand filter. Please help as I’ve spent countless hours on the pool and am nowhere. I have tested copper levels thinking maybe the chlorinator was making the water brown because of copper. Copper is very low though. So I either have iron or manganese. Are they effectively treated the same?

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