Sun cream in pool.

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nightmare with bathing

Sun cream in pool.

Postby nightmare with bathing » Sun 19 Jun, 2011 03:47

I have a small holiday let in spain, I have told guests on many occasions NOT to wear sun cream or oil in the pool. 3 days ago I did a full clean and backwash and floculent and it was sparkling.

It has taken one careless selfish guest 1 day to ruin all the work. I do ask that they not put cream on while in the pool. I also explain why and what will happen. do they listen. no

Are there any products that I can use or any tips that other pool users may have in order to stop this from happening? I am a very small business ad do not have the finance as hotels do in order to buy super fandangled pool filters. so need the pool to look its best.

ideas please.


orihuela costa pools
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sun cream in pool.

Postby orihuela costa pools » Sat 26 Jan, 2013 04:49

i run a pool cleaning buisness in spain and i have a customer who rents there property in the summer season and its a nightmare in the summer for suntan cream and ive found the best product to use is sea klear its fantastic

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