Brown green water

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Brown green water

Postby steveg3 » Sun 19 Jun, 2011 07:53

I recently had the local firedept fill my pooland and water was green. after filtering for 3 days no change and filter was brown, rusty looking. I emptied and they refilled it. Same problem, I've been running the filter 20hrs a day for a week and changing the filter daily. shock, clarifier and algicide. It appears to be lighten in color but still looks pale green. I noticed the filter also has brown bugs, lots about 1/8' in lenght and thinner than a toothpick tip. Anyone know if bugs are the cause of color or what can i do to clear it up Aquachek strips are good after i add daily dose of shock

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Brown green water

Postby chem geek » Sun 19 Jun, 2011 18:51

It's more likely to be metal ions in the water, most likely iron. You should have the water tested for metals and use a metal sequestrant or use a "metal out" type of water filter (such as greensand) if the volume isn't too high.

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