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Salt water pool

Postby smithht » Wed 29 Jun, 2011 05:29

I switched to a salt water pool this spring after getting ph and alkalinity right. I noticed some green algy after i put the salt in so i decided to give it a real good algicide shot put in 8 oz. poured it in slowely like i've always done at the water return a couple days later i had lite purple film every where on the floor and the sides on the bottom of the cover it seems to me that the algicide was not compatable with the salt water it has been weeks of cleanning and dumping the earth filter i could not even bounce the filter to get the earth off i had to take it apart and hose it off i thought i had it all taken care of and then yesterday i was in the pool with a new white bandade on my finger and later i noticed purple on it what in the world happened to my pool also another note yesterday i noticed that there was no air bubles on the bottom of my solar cover they were flat and the cover didn't float had water all over it help!

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