Switched from using Baquacil to Clorine

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Switched from using Baquacil to Clorine

Postby TonyaRoy » Wed 29 Jun, 2011 11:27

I started my transition from Baquacil products which are horrible to Chlorine about a week ago and I think I have all of the Baquacil out because my chlorine levels are very high and staying that way but now my water is a milky green color and my other levels of chemicals are crazy, i need help figuring out what i need to put in my pool. I have a 4400 gallon intex pop up pool, its for my kids but i'm stuck fighting with it..lol. Any help is greatly appreciated...THANKS
Here are my 6-way test strip results:
Total Hardness 400
Free Chlorine 10/20
ph 8.4
Total Alkalinity 80
Cyanuric Acid 0

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