Tiny Bubbles in the Wine....No! in the Pool

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Tiny Bubbles in the Wine....No! in the Pool

Postby Dhccasey » Tue 20 Jun, 2006 17:28

I have a problem with bubbles coming through the return jet into our in-ground pool. When I use the vacuum through the skimmer, I lose suction, thus, I can vacuum the shallow end but not the deep end of the pool because of loss of suction. I have exposed the line from the skimmer to the pump, except for the three foot section from the skimmer back under the concrete.

I put air into the suction line and squirted the joints with soapy water but could not find the leak. I have applied silicone on all the joints between the pump and the skimmer. I put a new coating of recommended gel on the gasket above the pump's clean-out basket. Still, bubbles are going into the pool.

Is there something I can do before taking out the concrete and replacing the entire suction line? I would appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

Swimming Pool Wizard
Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby Pooltech32 » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 00:10

well it is definitly a suction leak, check all the unions and connectors, soap won't work, if the line is fine and the joints are good it is more than likely right under your skimmer housing.

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