Stabilizer usage

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Stabilizer usage

Postby ktbaity99 » Fri 01 Jul, 2011 07:59

How soon after adding stabilizer to pool water can you swim .

chem geek
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Stabilizer usage

Postby chem geek » Fri 01 Jul, 2011 10:39

Did you add it to the skimmer to get caught in the filter? If so, then you can swim right away. If you added it to the bulk pool water, then it is likely sitting at the bottom of the pool since pure CYA dissolves slowly. You'll need to mix it up by brushing it to dissolve it first before going on (that could take quite some time -- it really does dissolve very slowly). It's usually better to put pure CYA into a sock or panty hose and hang it over a return with the pump running if you want to dissolve it more quickly.

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