Foam and clouds

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Foam and clouds

Postby kcme » Tue 05 Jul, 2011 23:47

Got a late start on my pool opening this year, and did the walmart thing to save money. Followed directions on pool opening, but could not get chlorine levels up even after shocking, nor the Ph. Added Ph plus and raised the Ph, but now it is at 8.0. Things cleared up except for some residue on bottom, so today I tried to vacuum it up and while in the pool, I noticed that the pressure was down to almost nill. By the way 18 foot AG X 52". I backwashed for a good amount of time and started the filter. almost immedialtely my beautivul clear pool became cloudy and covered with foam. Later this evening, my wife reached into the dkimmer for something and had a sticky, very metal smelling residue on her hand. Heelllp! :lol:

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