Opening Pool Disaster

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Opening Pool Disaster

Postby brianwiz » Thu 07 Jul, 2011 20:02

Alright what a long season for my pool already after only one week.

Filter broke... Got a Hayward FIlter and 1.5 pump.

The testing tool i use is

It measures PH, Chloraine, Alkaline, and Stabilizer

First eh Alkaline was way off to non existance. Put 16 pounds of it in the pool. Looks to be in the okay range.

I have put over 4 pounds of PH which the strips not showing me a grand improvement.

I put Chlorine in it went from spa on the strip to ok within 3 hours.

Stabiler is non existant but cannot as per instructions put that in until PH gets within range


took top off but must of the stuff is at the center of the pool. Cannot get to it until i get in the pool itself. I have cleaned the edges with no problem.

Water is clear.. Can see right to bottom
Testing kit is about a year old. Kept it outside in a shed in the winter(live in the buffalo ny)
Pool is 24 feet wide and 50 inches high.

Im at a lost. Making small steps but it seems to be way too much. Could the testing kit be bad?

Ideas are welcomed

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