H E L P! No pressure when vacuuming!

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H E L P! No pressure when vacuuming!

Postby Zhannet* » Tue 12 Jul, 2011 15:06

H E L P ! ! ! ! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
This is my first year taking care of my family's pool.
For the first time, one week ago, I cleaned my pool and everything worked perfect. Now, I have to clean my pool again, but pressure goes to zero and the water sunction is EXTREMLY low whenever I connect the hose to the skimmer. I know I do everything appropriately and chemicals are fine too. Then, what's the problem? And how to solve it? (P.S. otherwise, the pool works at 20 psi when the vacuuming hose is not connected :crazy: )
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H E L P! No pressure when vacuuming!

Postby cpo2go » Wed 27 Jul, 2011 16:18

Pressure is on the high side so cleaning or backwashing the filter would be a good idea.
That wouldn't explain the pressure dropping when hose is connected, however. Is there a diverter in the skimmer? You would be able to tell if the hose slides over a fitting or goes into the hole in your skimmer. If it slides over, that's the diverter. try twisting it so that more suction is directed to the hose.
Also make sure your pump basket is cleaned before you try to vacuum.
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I'm new here
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H E L P! No pressure when vacuuming!

Postby Sgb » Wed 09 May, 2012 11:07

Also, make sure your vacuum hoses are in excellent condition. Even the slightest hole can effect the pressure. I had this problem too and I bought new hoses....I was back in business.

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