How to change SP714 Hayward Sand Filter Gasket

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How to change SP714 Hayward Sand Filter Gasket

Postby Kierisnky » Thu 14 Jul, 2011 19:13

I just wanted to share some information about how to change the gasket to the valve director (terminology?) on this particular sand filter.

First of all, if the rubber is molded to the gasket body, then this is considered "old school" apparently.

Step 1:

- turn off your pump, remove the screws that attach to the dial (that changes from rinse, waste, etc), pull out piece by the handle. It should "pop" a little bit.

Step 2:

- Remove the gasket from the dial piece by putting strong clamps on two opposing sides of this disk like shape. The spring is very strong, so you will need to have the two sides clamped down to make the pin loose. I used a vice one side, and a clamp on the other. This will set you up to take out the pin.

Step 3:

- remove the pin. You will need a hammer and a flat attachment to a screwdriver. I accidentally punched it out the wrong way. I realized later that it wasn't as difficult to remove as I made it out to be.
- if it's the right way, you will see some grooves on the pin as soon as it pops its head out

Step 4:

-once pin is removed, you can loosen the clamps and remove the old gasket structure. Take note of the washer and spring placement first. At this point, you can remove the O ring, and small plastic gasket from the old gasket's shaft (this is a very important step that I overlooked because when you buy a new gasket, these two pieces don't come with it!)

Step 4:

- attach the new gasket to the dial head and the small O- ring and plastic gasket. Be careful to include the metal washers and the white plastic disc that is at the base of the dial handle.
- you will need to do the same clamp routine as you just did to get the pin back on
- aligning the gasket properly was difficult for me. I think that the dial handle should be above the gasket part where there is the least triangles. If not, then just reverse it. There are only two ways to do this, one of which is right, the other is wrong.

Step 5:

- if all is well, then lube up the rubber parts (including the small O - ring) with vaseline or other appropriate lubricant and bring it back to your filter and re-attach the screws firmly.
- turn on your pump and if things are normal, then you're good!
- mine exploded from the top, but that was because I didn't have that little O'ring and I may have had the gasket misaligned.

Good luck, and I hope this helps someone not go through the stress that I did yesterday!



How to change SP714 Hayward Sand Filter Gasket

Postby Guest » Wed 21 Sep, 2011 07:48

Where exactly does the small plastic ring go on the shaft?

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