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The Pool Wizard, Nature2, the Frog and other mineral systems for
simpler pool care. Non-chlorine Pristine Blue, Rainforest Blue and similar.
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Blue Lagoon

Postby Fawn Hall » Wed 21 Jun, 2006 08:57


I'm a beginner at do-it-yourself pool maintenance. I had a GREAT pool person for a year but he went MIA and didn't show up for the 'opening the pool' appt before Memorial day or the next three dates he promised so I told him not to come back. I called two other companies who were no-shows as well. Anyway, I'm determined to do this myself and not be dependent on these guys - because while I waiting for somebody to show up my pool became a frog pond. I used to have a pool with a sand filter and I learned how to maintain that system. But - that's all I knew. Until last week I didn't even know what a cartridge system was and I have one! I was looking for a backflush haha THAT shows you how dependent I was on the pool guy - so I've been learning what to do on the internet - so far so good.

I read here that we need to have the pool water clear before installing the pool wizard. Are there any exceptions to that? My pool is a beautiful cloudy blue right now. (Better than the green color it was last sunday) Sunday I took my slimy green cartridge filters to the car wash - placed them back into the filter system and started it back up YAY ME! -the ph was SUPER LOW but now I've got the alkalinity, ph & chlorine to good levels. Can I put the wizard in if all these factors are a-ok? Will it help at all? if not can someone tell me what I should do?

oh and can the wizard be used w/a cartridge system?

Thank you for your help!

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