Probably a VERY dumb newbie question -

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Probably a VERY dumb newbie question -

Postby Jeannies55 » Wed 20 Jul, 2011 12:16

- but here I go anyway!

We bought a 21' Round Above Ground Pool for my son for his birthday. We had it installed yesterday and have started filling it. The crew said it should be filled by tomorrow evening.. yay!

We went to the store and they armed me with a bunch of stuff including:

Liquid Magnet
Chlor No More and Chlorine Bullet Tabs
Green Out Shock treatment
Conditioner and Stabilizer
Test Kit

I think I have an idea of the order in which to add the stuff.. but with the timetables given it seems like the pool won't be finished being treated until sometime next week. Is it possible to swim in the pool while it is getting initial treatment? He has a bday party on Saturday and it would be great to be able to let him swim!

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Probably a VERY dumb newbie question -

Postby cpo2go » Sat 30 Jul, 2011 00:51

Not a dumb question, Jeannie, just a typical retail transaction. The store is in the business of selling you stuff.
Once it's full, only worry about the ph, Total Alkalinity and Free chlorine for the party.
Your water will have a reading for the first 2 right away. Test it with your test kit and be sure you're in the proper ranges.
Add some chlorine, I'm guessing the bullet tabs are chlorine tabs that go in a floater. The Chlor-No-More sounds like it's a chlorine alternative which would make adding it contradictory.
If the Bullet Tabs are just regular chlorine tabs, you won't need the conditioner/stabilizer.
Go ahead and put the algaecide and green out away. You won't have any need for them before Saturday, if at all.
I assume the Liquid Magnet is a metal remover which you may or may not need in your area but, if you do, you won't need it before the party. :)
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