Loose and wrinkly liner

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Loose and wrinkly liner

Postby Guest » Fri 22 Jul, 2011 08:17

We had our pool installed in May/June (vinyl walls, sand bottom) and for the first month everything was great. On Monday, after some rain on Sunday, our pool liner was separating from the walls (mostly above the water line but some on the lower walls) and there were some wrindles in various spots.

I phoned the pool people who said it was either a leak or excessive ground water. I found it strange that it was ground water in that it was the first time it happened and it was a fairly average rain fall, however we had been watering our new sod surrounding the pool everyday for the past 2 weeks.

I started measuring water loss over 24 hour periods and did notice that we were losing a little over a 1/2 inch (.6") of water daily. From my online research, it seems that up to a half inch is probably evaporation but more than that is probably a leak. Since it is more than that I wonder if there is a slow leak?? We have had a few hot days here and we have lost about 2+" of water in 4 days. I will have to use my hose for the first time to add some water.

As the week went on the liner did start to "cling" back to the walls of the pool. Not everywhere, because we still have a bout a 7' stretch where the liner above the water line is puffed out. In other spots it is not tight against the wall, but it is much better. We also have a few wrinkles. I would say that the problem since Monday morning is about 80% better.

It would appear then since we have seen quite an improvement that it was related to ground water, however I am still puzzled as to why we are losing more than 1/2" of water daily. Could we also have a leak, or would the liner not have improved at all if we did?

Any suggestions on what to get that 7' stretch to cling back to pool water and how to remove some wrinkles?

Is it possible that our 2 week watering could have caused the ground water to do this? What should we do so this does not happen again?

I am a little disapointed that we weren't warned of this happening and weren't given options to prevent it when we were putting the pool in.

I would appreciate any insight into this.


Loose and wrinkly liner

Postby delightcurtis » Sun 24 Jul, 2011 08:38

We are experiencing the same problem with wrinkles on the bottom of the pool and when you walk on the liner it moves under your feet. We have a better bottom liner under our liner and I think the accessive rain fall has caused the better bottom to get wet and cause the liner to slip. We have drained the pool and put a vacumm on the outflow access hole and it has sucked the sides tight against the pool frame but that doesn't help the slipppage on the bottom. I hate to take the railing off and pull back the liner so the better bottom can dry or we remove the better bottom altogether. I am going to call the installer tomorrow to see what he suggests we do. A pool is as bad as having a boat. The saying of a boat is a hole in the water that one pours money into can go for the pool too. We have had the pool several years and have replaced at least everything at least once. If I break it down the money spent could have had an inground put in. Oh well this will be the last year for this pool.

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